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You know when you want to buy a product online or use a service, such as a restaurant, plumber, or electrician, how can you be sure it’s any good? If you’re anything like me (or most people) you find out what other people think about it by reading their reviews.


A recent stat stated that in 2020, 93% of US consumers searched online for a local business. 34% of people searched every day, whereas 73% searched weekly.


Why? Because people trust the opinions of people like them that have used the service, over listening to the business that is selling the service… they are hardly likely to point out any weaknesses!


Plus, when you read reviews you get opinions from a huge assortment of people, which gives you a better understanding of the service’s positive and negative elements.


When I see a series of poor reviews I will not touch that product or service with a barge pole.


This way of thinking is shared by many people and is a major problem for poorly rated businesses. Once you have a bad name online, it’s an uphill struggle to turn that status around.


Let me give you an example…


Gordon Ramsay Crossing Knives



There’s a famous British Chef called Gordon Ramsey. He more well known for his foulmouthed critique of other chefs than of his own culinary skills.


The reason I bring him up is because he has presented many shows where he rescues poorly run restaurants.


The concept is, this restaurant is run by owners that don’t know their arse from their elbow and through shocking business management have led their restaurant to almost collapse.


That’s when Gordon ‘Sweary McSwearson’ Ramsey comes in to rescue the restaurant by showing them how a restaurant should be run.


These are entertaining shows and people love them because it’s a knight in shining armour rescuing a lovable family that run a restaurant from expected ruin.


Unfortunately, this restaurant close to collapse is one that’s been picked from hundreds or thousands of similarly poorly rated restaurants that won’t be as fortunate.


Those restaurants need a knight to rescue them from their dreaded doomsday but it won’t happen because this is real life, not a fairytale. Unless…

I’ve recently learned about a way that you, I, or anyone who can work a simple software tool can rescue any business that needs their reputation enhancing.


It’s called LocalReputor and is the first cloud based app that enhances the reputation of businesses online. 


With the world in its current state, with walking traffic all but gone, the only way for brick-and-mortar businesses to stand out from the competition and generate quality leads is to have an amazing online reputation with lots of positive reviews on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook. 

Local Reputor Software Box

Reputation Management apps that automate tedious yet essential tasks are expensive, and that’s why I wanted to review this software. LocalReputor not only significantly improves your client’s level of profile ratings on autopilot but helps claim them and then manages them. It generates far more warmed up leads through several breakthrough ways no other tool can do.

Ben Murray - 7 Figure Marketer

According to its creator, Ben Murray, now is the perfect time for businesses to be given a lift in their online presence.


Predominantly, this is due to the awful effects the worldwide pandemic has had on small businesses.


By using this software, anyone has the power to be a Business Reputation Agency and start getting businesses’ powerfully respected reviews and ratings.

The three main websites that people use to see how a business ranks are GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, and Yelp.


Which one of those do you use? Or do you use a different one?


LocalReputor has access to these three review sites and uses its advanced technology to claim the business’s profile and grow them with stellar reviews. I’ve demoed the software and filmed a video on my YouTube Channel.



You’ll see in my video how the software can get access to anybody who has left a review in the past. If it was a poor review you can send them a message and ask them if they would consider removing the review or improving it for a refund or free gift.


One of the secrets of getting good reviews is having exceptional customer service. Even if the service lacks quality, if the customer service rocks then a lot can be forgiven… especially if they make up for their poor service.


My YouTube video gives you a clear picture of how this software works but Ben Murray, the creator, is going to show an even clearer demonstration in a webinar today. It starts at 9am Eastern Standard Time or 2pm in the United Kingdom.


If you haven’t missed it then I recommend joining. Not only will you learn about the software and how it has the power to start earning you a ton of cash from desperate businesses needing your help, but you’ll also be entered into a giveaway to win the software.


Tap this link to join the webinar.


If you’re reading this after 21st January then the link above will take you to a page that explains the software in more detail.


Below are some of the software’s key features and benefits to highlight why I rate this software so highly:



✅ Manage and Grow Business Profiles on Autopilot

Capture customers  reviews and publish them your business clients GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, and Yelp business profiles to increase their rank and get them more leads.


✅ Access to Four Types of Review Widgets

Create and customise pop-up, modal, header, and slide-in widgets to capture reviews and build up your clients’ business profiles to rank higher.


✅ Print-Ready Business Cards, Leaflets, and Flyers with ‘QR Codes’

Simple to design cards, leaflets, or flyers to give for customers with customised QR codes that direct them to the business’s GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, or Yelp profiles.


✅ Drag-n-Drop Reputation Card Creation Technology

Use the drag-n-drop editor with hundreds of images to make customised business cards, leaflets, or flyers to capture reviews for your clients.


✅ GoogleMyBusiness “Offers” Creator

Create product or service offers that appear on your client’s GoogleMyBusiness page.


✅ Business Lead Finder

Quickly find & contact targeted businesses in need of reputation enhancement and management, in any area of your choice.


✅ Claim & Optimise GoogleMyBusiness Listings

This software lets you claim & manage a client’s GoogleMyBusiness profile, giving you access to optimise and rank it higher in searches.


✅ Manage and Reply to Client’s Reviews

Reply to any review on your client’s profiles, which is proven to increase a businesses rank, and negotiate with leavers of negative reviews.


✅ Plus Far More

24-7 support, Commercial Rights, Advanced CRM, Fully Cloud-Based, etc.



If you’re looking for a new venture and a simple way to make money online then this software is for you. 


Join the webinar or find out more about the software here.


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by commenting below, chatting with me in the chat widget at the bottom right, or DM me on social media.



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