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Let me start this blog post with explaining what I mean by ‘awesome’ emails. I mean emails that get read with links that get clicked. I don’t mean beautifully written emails with tons of quality content… because the chances are they won’t even be read. If you want people to eulogise your writing, go write a book. You have a business and you want people to buy what you’re selling. That’s why an awesome email gets people clicking links, taking up offers, and buying from you.

You need to grab a person’s attention in your emails. We live in a visual world now where people’s attention spans seem to be decreasing daily. People are more likely to watch a video for longer than read an email because videos are visual and take less effort. This means that you have to make your emails visually appealing.


You must break your emails into paragraphs with an empty line in between. Short, one line, punchy sentences followed by a longer sentence with 2 or 3 lines.

For example…

I have to share this with you!

A close friend of mine works at a leading marketing company and keeps me updated on the latest trend.

Check it out here.

‘Here’ is a link, or the whole line could be a link if you wish. Try both in segmented emails to see which has more clicks.

By doing this it’s more appealing and much easier to read.

Avoid using capital letters. If you want to highlight a word make it bold, underline it, or put it in italics. The only words you should colour are links and they should be blue. Also, avoid using words like ‘Guaranteed’, ‘Free’, ‘Money Back’, ‘Click This’. Don’t go mad on using exclamation marks and never use double exclamation marks. That’s a sure-fire way to get them dumped in the junk.

You must also be conversational in your writing, like you are speaking to a friend, not a customer. It has to be focussed on them and them alone, as if they are the only person you are writing to. If it seems that you are writing to many people it takes away that friendly intimacy. By doing this, you’re helping build a good-natured, trusting relationship between you and your subscriber.
My example makes it personable and uses the ‘story’ method. People like reading stories, they want to know how it ends, meaning you’ve got their interest. Now you just need to drop a few links in there that take them to the story’s ending.

Remember these 3 elements every time you sit down to write an email:

  1. Create excitement
  2. Create intrigue
  3. Get them clicking links

These are all achieved in the way you structure the sentences, as explained above. You also have to put the link you want clicked 2 or 3 times in the text. You can also have the link in a video, which is one of the most effective ways to get a click. Put a ‘play’ button in the middle of the video screen and you’re guaranteed to get a ton of clicks.

Countdowns are incredibly effective to get readers clicking. Create scarcity in the emails running up to the deadline. Don’t be shy about sending 4 or 5 emails on the day the deal closes. Make sure they know it’s a deal they don’t want to miss out on:


  • 24 hours left! Last day to grab this deal..
  • 12 hours left! Time’s running out..
  • 8 hours left! You gonna miss out..
  • 4 hours left! Time’s almost up..
  • 2 hours left! Your last chance..

These subject lines create urgency and intrigue, exactly what you need to get them read.

Should you add pictures or not? It’s tempting to spruce up your emails with snazzy pictures but be warned… this will increase the bit size of your message. The larger the size, the slower it loads. You don’t want ANY delay happening because if someone wants to read your email they want to read it now, not in 5 seconds. Crazy, I know, but people are impatient… we’re living in the ‘Everything Now’ generation.

If you must have a picture then make sure you reduce the bit size. There are many online sites where you can do this but I avoid this because they take too long and I want everything now ☺

If you use a Mac you can do it on Preview. Copy the picture first to experiment, go to Tools, Image Size, then halve/quarter the resolution.

On a PC you can download Photo Resizer for free.

In summary, there are many techniques to write awesome emails and get your readership up. Treat your email like a work of art; the better it looks, the easier it is to read, the more chances of links being clicked. Start adding them to your future emails and let us know what difference they make.

If you want us to help you write awesome emails that convert then reply or send us a message in our support chat below.

Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Share below, we would love to know!

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