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When I heard the news that Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, had put together 14 leading experts for his next Online Conference my ears pricked up.


Michael’s business, like my own, and I’m sure yours too, has struggled during the pandemic. The costs of running ads have risen and those darn algorithms are controlling our results more than they should be.


Earlier this year Michael set his sights on seeing what other marketers were experiencing. He found in the study he commissioned that the majority of marketers want to develop their marketing know-how on the four most prevalent SM networks – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Michael’s research found one issue that was repeated by many marketers – the flaws of passive learning. In the world we live in today, we are continually consumed with a ton of information, but how much of it sticks?


For information to be learned fully you need to be taught it actively, not passively.


You need the crème de la crème of marketing expertise to teach you everything they know, teaching advanced techniques in a live workshop. 

This is exactly what Michael has organised: an interactive workshop where you get to learn from 14 marketing experts, delivering their know-how in individual two-hour workshops.


These experts are (in alphabetical order) Michaela Alexis, Allie Bloyd, Tom Breeze, Justin Brown, Janine Cummings, Elise Darma, Diana Gladney, Aleric Heck, Vanessa Lau, Natasha Samuel, Mari Smith, Susan Wenograd, AJ Wilcox, and Tara Zirker.


Find out more about these experts here.


Some of these names you might know, some you may not, but either way they will all improve your marketing techniques tenfold and help you boost your engagement, reach, and sales on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


What I find so exciting about this event is the amount of confidence it will bring to online marketers, as well as the increased trust they will get from their company and clients.

I’m intrigued to know if you’re the type of marketer who is incentivised and motivated enough to be part of these 14 workshops? Can you imagine how a vast improvement in your organic and paid social media marketing will grow your companies income?


Do you feel the time has come for you to take a step up from being a passive learner to an invigorated active learner that gets results?


If you do, you’re not alone. A massive 75% of marketers want to increase their results on those four social media networks.

A Woman Thinking

If you’re serious about your marketing goals and want to take them to the next level then you have to be at these workshops. There’s no need to hire expensive specialists when you can do this by yourself, as long as you follow the directions from experts that have the experience and successful know-how.



How to Surpass Your Marketing Goals Without Expensive Consultants?



When you need to increase your reach, create stunning content, strengthen your engagement, and ultimately sell more, but don’t want to hire costly specialists or agencies, you must learn from successful social media marketers.


Why would you outsource for silly money that will probably make little progress? That money and time would be better invested in training that teaches you how to succeed with confidence!


You’re an intelligent marketer. If you simply mix your experience with the right guidance, you’re guaranteed to accelerate your success and secure your future.


By learning from these 14 experts will allow you to see what they’ve learned from the mistakes they’ve made. The beauty of this is that it will mean you won’t make the same mistakes, but learn from their successes! You will be able to learn and grow from listening to their wisdom, without having to fail through trial and error. This process is typical to those that try to do everything on their own. This is SLOW and there is no guarantee of eventual success. From my experience, it saves a lot of time and money when you follow experts, like these that will be at the Social Media Marketing Workshop.

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa Lau’s Area of Influence:

Instagram Content Strategy: How to Get More Followers, Engagement, and Sales

2 Hour Training


Vanessa is an Instagram marketing strategist. Her wealth of knowledge helps small businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, how to scale their businesses and build their influence by leveraging the power of Instagram. Check out her ‘Turn Your Followers Into Clients’ podcast that she hosts.

Click here to see a sample presentation from Vanessa Lau

Janine Cummings’ Area of Influence:

How to Use Facebook Live to Turn Viewers Into Customers

2 Hour Training


Janine is a Facebook Live specialist who excels in helping female entrepreneurs build their confidence, authority, and businesses with Facebook Live video. She’s also a speaker, trainer, and coach who educates entrepreneurs to express their talents using the power of live video.

Janine Cummings
Diana Gladney

Diana Gladney’s Area of Influence:

The Proven Formula for Creating Videos People Love.

2 Hour Training


Diana has a YouTube Channel called ‘EntreWoman TV’. Its chief objective is to help busy entrepreneurs learn how to share their vision in videos and influence more people’s lives. Her skills include being a videographer and video editor that loves to simplify the tech of YouTube. Check out her hosting of the ‘Video Simplified’ podcast.

AJ Wilcox’s Area of Influence:

Everything You Need to Know to Succeed With LinkedIn Ads

2 Hour Training


To put it simply, AJ is the world’s leading LinkedIn ads expert. He is also the founder of B2Linked, an ads agency for LinkedIn that shows businesses how to drive high-quality leads at scale. Some would say he’s a LinkedIn ads fanatic, me being one of them. Read his book ‘LinkedIn Ads Demystified’ to find out why, and listen to his ‘LinkedIn Ads Show’ podcast.

AJ Wilcox

To find out what the other 10 experts will teach you hit this link


What Will These Workshops Do For You?


In recent studies it was found that people who continue to learn and development their professional skills are more successful, enjoy their work more, reach their business goals quicker, and earn more income!


Business opportunities Increase: People begin chasing you instead of the other way round (you ‘chasing business’). You get an influx of people who want to be your clients and customers. You’ll finally be able to convert new customers without having to push the ‘hard sell’ tactics used by typical marketers. Imagine experiencing the feeling of ‘zero-resistance selling’.


You finally achieve your goal of being the company’s hero (and your clients too!). From now on people will seek you out for your wisdom, as you’ve been equipped with marketing techniques that work. You’ll have the knowledge you need to get improved results, whilst also reducing your trials and errors. You’ll be able to justify raising your rates or gaining promotion because you’re achieving measurable results.


Your confidence grows immeasurably: You’re now being recognised and accepted for doing the work you love. People start to acknowledge your expertise and your credibility is known within your industry.


If these reasons are not enough, hit this link below to read Michael Stelzner’s article to learn why this event is right for you.

Michael Stelzner's Article Button

Do you know what makes it a no-brainer decision to attend this event? You can watch TWO WHOLE DAYS of training and if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund. Plus, you’re able to pay in installments if you wish. But don’t delay, there’s a $500 discount that ends on 16th December!


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