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I started to write today’s blog last week and had planned to release it then, endorsing Traffic Ivy. This is a Viral Traffic Network software that brings online business owners, marketers, and affiliates together to help bring traffic to their online content.



The software works on a points system. Every time you share someone’s content on your website or social media account you gain some points. These points can then be given to others when they share your content.



There’s a special New Year offer of 10,000 points for a massively discounted price here.



As an affiliate marketer myself, I like to use the software first and understand it fully before reviewing it. I make sure I show the pros and cons of everything I review, something quite rare in affiliate marketing.



Many promoters only declare the pros and ignore the cons, but I like to sleep with a clear conscience.

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My audience is following me because they trust me; I say it like it is and am not a bullshitter. I am grateful for their trust and do not take that lightly.



The reason I decided to wait a week before publishing this review of Traffic Ivy is that there were a few flaws that needed to be fixed. I contacted the software’s creator, Cindy Donovan, on Facebook Messenger and she quickly replied.



That is one of the Pros. I’m a stickler for good customer service and the fact that you can chat with the creator herself in Messenger is hugely positive.



The software also has a ‘Training and Support’ section that has many previously asked questions and answers. The training includes video tutorials to help you understand how Traffic Ivy works.



Another Pro is that there is an easy to follow guide with instructions for new users. This picture shows Step 2 in the Dashboard, instructing me to Create a Traffic Campaign.

Traffic Ivy Software Instructions


In one moment I will show you the ‘My Traffic Campaigns’ page, but first I will tell you about Step 1. This Step instructs you to set up your first Asset.



An Asset is one or more of your Social Media accounts.



As you can see in this picture Traffic Ivy allows you to connect to 6 of the main SM Networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit.

Traffic Ivy Software - Assets


I have an account on all of these except Reddit, so I got to work on connecting them all.



Step 1 instructs you to connect your Facebook account specifically. Doing this was simple but it connected to my personal account, not my business account. It would be better if you could connect to both but there is a way around this.



Once you’ve shared someone’s content on your personal Facebook page, you can manually move it to your business page and delete it from your personal page if you wish. Though I wouldn’t recommend deleting any content you share.



This is because members rate each other, and if you are seen to be deleting shared posts your marks will suffer, This, in turn, will lead to your content being shared less.



Plus, if the content is in your niche then keeping it on your personal page makes sense.



After doing Step 1 and gaining 100 points, I attempted to connect my YouTube Account to Traffic Ivy. This Asset is the most important Social Media account I have; the thought of having other marketers promote and play my YouTube videos on their sites filled me with excitement.



Unfortunately, that excitement collapsed rapidly when I saw this:


“Okaay”, I thought, “Lets see if I can connect my YouTube Channel”.


This was fairly simple, I just had to find my Channel ID and add it. This took only a few minutes, then I could move onto Step 2: Create a Traffic Campaign.



The Campaign Editor is where you enter all of the details of your campaign, including the name, description, image, and category.

Traffic Ivy Software - Authorisation Error
Traffic Ivy Software - Campaign Editor


Underneath this is where you add all of the campaign tags. As an SEO expert, I know that the more specific tags you add, the better your reach will be. I added 40.

Traffic Ivy Software - Add New Content Type


I selected ‘Video’ from the ‘Content Type’ and chose my Youtube Channel. When I clicked ‘Get Videos’ I was disappointed to see this pop up.

Traffic Ivy Software - No Videos Found


“No Videos Found?” exclaimed my exasperated inner voice.



I sent a message to Cindy about this and she explained that they’d had a major Google SSL issue, which meant her development team had to rebuild ALL of their pages a few days before launch.



This issue also meant that I couldn’t connect my LinkedIn account but, fortunately, there were no problems connecting my Twitter account.



Cindy’s messages were well-mannered, sympathetic, and apologetic about these software issues. She said her team was working on fixing the faults and said it would be solved within 24 hours.



Unfortunately, after this time they were not fixed. If I’d written this blog post last week it would not have been pretty. I informed Cindy that I would wait a week, and pray that the software would then be good to go.



Well, it is better today, but not by much.



I can connect my LinkedIn accounts, personal and business. Though Pinterest was not so kind.

Traffic Ivy Software - Critical error


But I still had hope for this software because of its WordPress Plugin and Blog Automation tool.



This meant that other people could share my blog posts on their site and vice versa. The automation plugin meant that this could all be done automatically, without you lifting a finger.



Sounds great, right?




Online Hacker

Image by Hnnng on Pixabay


When I first started writing blogs for my site I was like a fish out of water. I enjoy writing but thought I could save myself some time by copying blog posts written by a seller of a product I was promoting.


This was like killing two birds with one stone:


* My weekly blog is done for me.


* Written by the best person – the product’s creator!

It wasn’t until I tried to run AdSense on my website that I realised you can’t just copy someone else’s writing. That’s called plagiarism and is illegal.



Now, I’m not that wet behind the ears that I don’t know about plagiarism and its seriousness.



My thinking was that I would only use it to help the writer sell their product, similarly to how Traffic Ivy users are trying to help each other bring traffic to their sites and raise their Google rankings.



Regrettably, by copying other people’s content to your site, one of Traffic Ivy’s key features, your site’s rankings will drop, you may be penalised by Google, and you won’t be able to run AdSense ads.



Cindy’s response to this was that people can use Spin Rewriter to spin the article and make them unique. To be fair, a trial of this tool is included in the Traffic Ivy software. However, having to use this with each and every article increases your work time a huge amount, and completely rules out using the WordPress automation tool.



Although this automation tool seems like a good idea, the reality is far from it. I mistakenly turned it on after installation and within minutes an article in German had been posted on my site!

German Blog Page


So, if you don’t care what articles are posted onto your site, don’t mind your Google rankings falling, and don’t mind potentially being penalised by Google, then the WordPress plugin is for you!



Now that may seem like a BIG con, and it is, but there’s a much larger deceit happening that makes me question the group of affiliate marketers I sit within.



I’ve had a search online for other marketers promoting Traffic Ivy, many of the top marketers do so on the sales page here.

None of them mention this HUGE ELEPHANT in the room.


If I were being kind I’d say that they are unaware of the implications of copying another person’s work on your site.


Truthfully though, most of them are aware but won’t mention it for one of two reasons:


  1. They haven’t used the software yet and don’t really know what it is or how it gets you more traffic. They just promote it for reason number 2…

  2. They just want to make money. Even if they know it’s got flaws, it doesn’t matter to them.

Elephant in the Room

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

Cindy Donovan has tried to reassure me that more improvements will be made, which tells me that it wasn’t ready to go live yet. I appreciate that the Google SSL changes were unexpected but if it were me I’d feel shady as hell selling it in its current condition.



Now I know this blog isn’t the most glowing review of Traffic Ivy but the software does have some pros and I’m sure Cindy will endeavour to improve it.



Though I’m not so sure the majority of affiliate marketers will grow a conscience anytime soon.



I proudly stand against them. I may have many flaws but dishonesty is not one of them.



How to make the most of Traffic Ivy on my website



This blog may seem like I am ripping apart Traffic Ivy as a traffic gaining software but it can still be really useful, as long as you know how to play the Google system. The concept of the software is for online businesses to share each others content, but in reality sharing other people’s content on your site is a big no-no.



However, you can share a section of your blog with links to the actual blog page. All you have to do is use [Spin Rewriter] to spin that section of your blog, so Google doesn’t think the sharer is plagiarising your blog.



If you knew other people were doing this too then you could share their content on your website, but as you don’t, sharing content is a one-way street.



The downside of this is it costs you points to have other people share your content, so how do you earn points? By sharing people’s content on your social media pages.



My YouTube video this week shows you a hands-on tutorial of Traffic Ivy, and how many points you can gain by sharing content on your social media accounts.


Despite these flaws I have pointed out I still believe Traffic Ivy is worth having because it will undoubtedly bring more traffic to your website and social media accounts.



As long as you know how to work the Google system, as I explained above, then it’s a hugely beneficial piece of software.



Plus with this link you can buy it for next to nothing, especially with another $20 discount if you buy it before 1st Jan.



If you have liked this blog or know someone who would benefit from reading it, please share. Thanks!

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