7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rate

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This is a major concern for all emailing businesses, as an unopened email is potentially a lost sale. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can improve your open rate metrics…


1. Be Mobile Friendly


As most people open their emails on their mobiles make sure your emails are mobile friendly:


• Your text should be at least 15px to avoid readers straining their eyes, with headlines being at least 20px.
• Avoid using pictures as this slows down the loading speed. If the user is impatient there’s a chance they won’t wait, leaving your email in the digital dust.
• Keep them short and sweet.


2. The Personal Touch Works Well


Make sure the sender states your name and your business. If it’s a long name you can abbreviate it or use its acronym like I do.

Think about when you receive an email, if you see a name it gives it that personal touch. It’s like they’ve been typing it out that very day and not part of an automated campaign.


3. Send at the Best Time


So what is the best time I hear you ask? This depends on what your market is and where your subscribers open their emails. Are they mobile or desktop? Late afternoon, around 3pm, is the best time for mobile users. 10am is the open hour for desktoppers.


Remember: Make sure you automate your emails with a marketing platform that allows you to send emails at a specific time in different countries. So, if you live in New York and want to send an email at 3pm worldwide, it will send to your subscribers in the UK at 10am New York time, at there is a 5 hour difference. We use MailChimp because it does that plus loads more for the best value we could find.


4. Send on the Best Day(s)


Unless you’re a relentless e-mailer that sends every day (not recommended, especially for newbies) then you’re probably wondering which days are the best ones to send your emails. Our research tells us that weekdays are generally considered the best days, especially for businesses.

Stats tell us that Tuesday is the best day for open rates, but also has the most unsubscribers. Monday and Friday are the next best days.

See how those days work out for you, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try sending some on the weekend, as they won’t be expecting it!

Stats tell us that click through rates are less on the weekend, so any calls to action should be sent on one of those top weekdays.

The most important thing is to test your send times, change them up slightly, and see what works best for your audience.


5. Make Your Subject Line Intriguing


You MUST create intrigue or urgency in your subject line. What makes your email stand out from the rest? These hacks will help…


• Ask a question – “NAME, what’s your biggest fear?”
• Write a ‘How to…’ line if your email tells them how to do something.
• Don’t use more than 3 punctuation marks. NEVER use full ellipsis (…), use two full stops instead (..)
• Use the recipients name or You / Your
• Use RE: or FWD: to get the reader’s attention
• A/B test the effectiveness of different subjects
• Don’t start a subject with a number
• Avoid using ‘and’ in the subject. If you have to use ‘&’
• If you’re going to use LIVE make sure it’s in capital letters
• PDF in the subject line improves open rate
• NEVER do more than 1 exclamation mark. 2 or more goes straight to spam.
• Negative subject lines are a WIN – ’TERRIBLE Email Marketing’, This SHOCKED me..’, ‘SUPERBAD copy’, ‘So BAD I almost cried..’


Most importantly, keep the line short, ideally less than 10 characters long! I know this seems ridiculously short… I mean what can you say in 3 words max?

Get your thinking caps on because this is what works due to most people seeing the subject line on their mobile. Less screen means less space to see your subject line. Keep it short and grab their attention, otherwise it’s likely to be ignored.


6. Heads Up to Your Preheader


A preheader is the line of text that’s next to your Subject Line that gives more info on what’s in the email. All of the major emailing services have a preheader and if you’ve put an uninspiring Subject Line then this is your last chance to capture their interest.

The preheader allows you to be more freestyle with the subject line, create fascination, then give more detail on the email’s content in the preheader.

Make sure you DON’T repeat what’s in the Subject Line. It must be unique and continue the fascination with more concrete information.


7. Email Service Segmentation


That’s a mouthful, I know, but it’s a crucial part of getting those emails opened. They need to be optimised for the email service your subscriber uses, otherwise you may run into problems.

For example, some services don’t recognise background images. Test your emails by sending them to all the main email services, see how they land, and adjust accordingly.


As well as segmenting your subscribers email service, you should also send specific emails to certain groups. You can specify them by any number of identifying factors, such as open rates, left checkout, or demographics.

For example, if you want to send a Thanksgiving email, only send it to your American subscribers, or a Chinese New Year email to your Chinese subscribers.

The reason this is so important is because segmented emails have higher engagement rates. Research tells us that emails sent to a group of less than 100 subscribers have the highest open rates. So size doesn’t matter, targeting does. ☺


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