55 Tools To Make 2021 Your Best Sales Year Ever

Online Marketing and Sales

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Which One of These Are You?


  • An Online Business Owner?

  • An Affiliate Marketer?

  • Both?


If you’re an online business owner…


Are you struggling to make sales? and frustrated with the direction your business is heading and?


Are your stress levels hitting the roof because of your demanding workload?


Does all the technical jargon go over your head and makes you feel overwhelmed?


If you’re an affiliate marketer…


Are you failing to get enough traffic to your offers?


Are you making enough sales, or any at all?


Would you love to get a helping hand from two of the best internet marketers on the planet?


Well, today I’m giving you the chance to get exactly that, from John Thornhill and David Nicholson.

John Thornhill with JVZoo Award

Who Is John Thornhill?


If you haven’t heard of John Thornhill yet, let me gladly introduce him to you. He is a renowned internet marketer from Newcastle, UK, who has achieved incredible success in the internet marketing world.


If you want to wise up in affiliate marketing, profiting from other people’s products, or improve your traffic strategies, he’s your man.


For over a decade John has dominated the affiliate marketplace as both a seller and as an affiliate.

He’s a record-setter in terms of sales and is a true benchmark for other marketers. His list of launches may not be the longest in the marketing industry but his sales figures are outstanding.

Alongside John is full time Internet Marketer Dave Nicholson, who specialises in personal coaching, web design, graphic design, web traffic and product development. He excels at helping fellow marketers succeed with his advice, products, software, designs, and creations.


I’ve known about these two experts for a while and was delighted to find out they were working together. I was even more enthused by discovering they were offering a special Christmas package that was like nothing they had released before.

Dave Nicholson

They would usually focus on one product or software to offer to their online marketing community. But as it’s Christmas, they’ve decided to open up their arms and give us marketers a big virtual hug with an offer like no other.


Instead of focussing on one marketing area, they’re offering SO MUCH help in these FIVE specific areas:


1) Traffic Generation:


As I said in last week’s YouTube video, without traffic heading to your website, you have no business. This year John and Dave have sent a  record amount of visitors to their websites and will show you every method they’ve used to achieve this.


2) Video Marketing:


This method of marketing was at its highest in 2020 and will only grow in 2021. John and Dave had incredible results using video marketing and you’ll be shown all of their techniques.


3) Affiliate marketing:


These guys are affiliate marketing masters, winning over 50 JVZoo competitions this year. This is due to them implementing some new strategies that have not only won them awards but have brought them record commissions.


4) List Building:


The old and true adage ‘The money is in the list’ is one that online marketers know only too well. None more so than John and Dave, whom this year alone had their best list building year ever. They expect their email marketing strategy for next year, which they will share with you, will double their list size.


5) Social Media:


Social media is not just for finding out the latest gossip and watching epic fails. It plays a massive part in building a trustworthy business and relationship with your followers. John and Dave have used their Social Media accounts to grow their community this year and will continue to use their tools to expand that growth in 2021.


I speak about these categories in more detail on this week’s YouTube Video:


How Many Tools Are They Offering In This Package?


Due to 2020 being the worst year in most people’s lifetime, plus the fact that it’s been a disastrous year across the globe, these marketing pros decided it was time to reward online business owners and marketers.


They’ve worked tirelessly to gather all of their knowledge and experience to put together their best tools, software, and strategies to make sure you get off to the best new year possible.


Starting an online business is where many people have turned to this year due to the loss of jobs caused by the pandemic. If you’re one of those people and want to secure your future with an online business, then they’re offering you everything you need to ace your sales in 2021.

The Niche Marketing Kit Logo


They’ve called it the Niche Marketing Kit and the amount of effective and actionable content it includes is like nothing I’ve seen before.


Imagine if you were given an arsenal of proven marketing tools and strategies that have generated   in this year alone over $1 million in sales?


Having these at your fingertips will give you a huge advantage in your business and their Christmas bonanza doesn’t stop there…


You see, because it’s Christmas they’re offering it to you at a fraction of the price that it would cost you if you bought each product individually.


They’re determined to give you the best Christmas present possible and send you into the new year with everything you need for your business to succeed. That’s why they’re offering an unbelievable discount on this exclusive Niche Marketing Kit.


If you were to add up all of these products included in the kit it would come to over $10,000.


However, today it’s SO MUCH cheaper than that.


Find out the offer amount and everything included in the offer here.

But be warned, as this is a Christmas offer it’s available for a limited time.


It really is a once in a lifetime offer and I doubt you’ll find another offer anywhere near as good as this.


It’s over $10,000 worth of tools and strategies used by two of the most successful marketers in the world.


To be frank, I’m shocked by this deal. If you check out everything on offer here I think you’ll share my amazement.


These guys often go out of their way to over-deliver and this time is no different. In fact, they’ve outdone themselves! 


So What Products Are Included?


There are an unbelievable FIFTY FIVE products included in this offer. Plus EIGHT bonuses! See them all here.


Below is one from each category:

Website Traffic Niche Product
Video Marketing Niche Product
Affiliate Marketing Niche Product
List Building Niche Product
Social Media Niche Product
Internet Marketing Essential Product


Are You An Affiliate Marketer?


As if all of these products were not enough there is another bonus for affiliate marketers. As well as getting the Niche Marketing Kit for this hugely reduced amount, you can also promote it to your followers.


As an affiliate marketer for the Niche Marketing Kit you earn a massive 50% commission on every one you sell!


Click here to join me as an affiliate for the Niche Marketing Kit


If you’ve enjoyed reading today’s blog or know someone who would be interested in this limited time offer please share. Thanks!

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